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Between 7- 10 years 17.7% 2 years 8.9%
Between 5-6 years 18.6% 1 year 4.2%

Fantistics Football Subscriber Testimonials

In our 2004 season ending survey we asked subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial that we could publish:

"There are many sites that attempt to predict the performance of players and teams. Always remember how easy it is for a couple of fellows to start a website, announce themselves as experts, and charge for their prognostications, even though they may be solid but basically pedestrian and based on their perceived knowledge. What separates Fantistics is the analytical systems they have created to objectively arrive at their conclusions. I strongly endorse this site above any other."  Michael M. Rapaport Senior Columnist (Michael Rapaport)

Your preseason player projections were amazing, my partner and I won the $45,000 2nd place prize at the World Championship of Fantasy Football last year! We owe it all to Fantistics. Look forward to next year. (Richard Dubell)

The PRESEASON PACKAGE was phenomenal...I had Peyton Manning as a keeper, but took Antonio Gates early on your recommendation, and also took Curtis Martin based on your advice... (Ed Youmell)

Draft Day and In Season information was EXCELLENT. I found myself extra busy this year and didn't have much time to find info on players. A quick check of my email kept me in step with all the info I needed and led me to a championship title. Thanks. (Cody Hogden)

This service is the best. I finished this year going to the superbowl as a wild card team! I was rated #1 coach and it wouldn't have been without Fantistics! (Dave Ciccone)

My competition laughed at me for paying extra for fantasy football advice but I ended up winning the league and laughing all the way to the bank. Entry fee for the league $125, Subscription to Fantistics Football $35, Winning the big prize at the end of the season and laughing at all my friends....priceless (Hassan Mahmud)

This site is the best i've seen so far. magazines are pretty much useless. the weekly projections and news are very helpful. keep up the great work,Lee (Lee Virden)

This is my 3rd year in a money league that I have used Fantistics.  My record in those years is a 3rd place and 2 1st places (12 teams).  I purchase the full package every year as I find that the draft software is second to none and the player rankings the most accurate I have seen.  My league has very detailed scoring rules and I find that the Fantistics draft software is the only that allows me to rank my players based on MY RULES.  I research players every week on this site as well as many other reputable ones (ESPN, Sportsline, Rotowire, etc.) but when it comes to a close call I have found that fantistics projects my players more accurately than the rest on a week to week basis.  Also the Sunday Morning Scoop gives me early information to help me determine who to play based on injuries.  Several of my opponents have waited until the pregame show and missed out (lineup is due 5 min before gametime).  I won this year's superbowl and prize money because my opponent waited too long to get info on McNabb playing sparingly in week 16.  Thanks for another great year and I look forward to purchasing these services next year as I go for my 3rd straight title. (Ryan Samples)

This is by far the best site I have ever used. Not only was the information fast and accurate, I was able to e-mail all of the people at Fantistics and received a fast and informative response. In the fantasy world of rosters and line-ups sometimes there is not alot of time to make a decision and you guys supply excellent information. Thanks for everything. (Mark Esielionis)

1st place out of ten!!!!  In my seven years I never made the playoffs, last year I even finished at the bottom of the barrell.  This year won my division and then went on to win the final.  To win the final I used three players picked up over the week based on your recommendation.  Now that I understand the system, I should do very well.  Thanks! (richard gallagher)

My competition laughed at me for paying extra for fantasy football advice but I ended up winning the league and laughing all the way to the bank. Entry fee for the league $125, Subscription to Fantistics Football $35, Winning the big prize at the end of the season and laughing at all my friends....priceless (Hassan Mahmud)

Draft tools were outstanding.  Weekly predictions were eerily close in many cases....  I FINALLY WON A LEAGUE!!!!  Thanks a ton! (John Minton)

I stunk as a GM.  Finishing in the bottom third of my 12 team league 3 years running.  Exclusively using from draft to regular season champion and playing in the Superbolwl this week!!! Thanks to all who put in the work to make my job easier!!!!  This site payed for itself 1000 times over.........   John, Rockville, MD (John Lehman)

After picking sixth in my 12-team league and following the VAM method 100%, and despite key season-ending injuries for certain top picks (Steve Smith (RB), K. Winslow (TE), Stephen Davis (RB) and his backup DeShawn Foster) within the first 2 weeks of the season, I religiously read each of the daily comments and weekly pickup recommendations.  The two most helpful recommended pickups of the ones I was able to get were Michael Clayton at the start of the season and Larry Johnson after week 12.  WOW. Way to go,.... Football Fantistics.  (Berton Seltzberg)

After week 4 I was 0 & 4 so my playoffs started in week 5.I played one week at a time, did my homework and watched the free agent pick ups. I then won 11 of the next 12 weeks and won the Championship. This was my 3rd time in the big game and finally my first Championship in 7 seasons. I've always used Fantistics, Football and Baseball, and will continue to. Thank you. (John Lanter)

Excellent site! Custom fit to just about any league, and the weekly info. was invaluable! (Chris Rouly)

Draft kit excellent guide; best I've found.....The analysts - all of them - are very good. I enjoy the commentary and read over 90% of 'em. Fantistics has the best draft day package I've found.  The weekly projections are a great tool.  Fantistics is a great one-stop site for your fantasy football news, stats, trends, and projections!  Good luck guys! Tom (Tom Spina)

Fantastics is the best place to get insider Individual Defensive Player information. Fantastics is great for their updates. Thanks Rob from Mesa AZ (Robert Truslow)

Fantistics Football has improved my winning FFL leagues over the years with the vast amount of info provided.  More importantly is the supplemental in season info,  recommendations,  strength of schedule 2nd half of season data etc ... use the tools and make excellent decisions and you're guaranteed a Fantasy Football Crown !! (Scott Grundtvig)

Fantistics Football provides the tools and statistics to make informed decisions.  No one can predict human nature and luck but Fantistics Football certainly gives me an edge in choosing the best possible starters for any given Sunday.  My starting lineup is never submitted before I check the stats and news on Sunday mornings.  The best Website for Fantasy Football, bar none. (Dave Toth)

Fantistics Insiderfootball was my go to site every week for picking my starters and making trades. (Paul Schafer)

This recommendation won me my Fantasy Football league:  "RB Larry Johnson (KCC): It appears that Johnson has finally overtaken Blaylock as the backup RB to Priest Holmes. Johnson ran for 118 on 20 carries (5.9 YPC) along 56 receiving yards and 2 TDs. Keep an eye on the Priest Holmes injury as Johnson may get the start in week 14. Fantasy Potential: C+  I picked him up and he ran my team to a championship with 3 great weeks.  Really, LJ was just one of many pickups that helped me to victory. I struggled at WR this year and still won my league by plugging WR's in there that were hot - by reading the weekly recommendations and the weekly Redzone and Trending players... you folks were a great service.  Thanks a lot Fantistics - your site is great!  P.S. By the way, thanks for the Antonio Gates recommendation in the preseason! I rode him to a championship also! (Sean McVay)

Fantistics is an excellent resource for Fantasy Football.  It gave me the insight I needed to make the best decisions for my team.  With the player pickup recommendations and weekly predictions, I easily out-performed other teams in my league on a weekly basis. (David Henry)

Fantistics is not afraid to make unpopular projections.  While many other 'experts' are all clamoring towards the same players, Fantistics will provide many more options and 'sleepers'.  I have always had the jump on the competition because of the insight and analysis that Fantistics always provides. (Louis Caporaletti)

For the first time in six years i finished in first place. i highly recommend your site for everybody except people in my league. the VAM strategy is the way to go. (bill rogers)

Great job, won 2 out of 3 of my fantasy leagues for a total of $890! Can't wait for fantasy football next season with Fantistics!! Thanks again! (Michael Kennedy)

Great recommendations for mid-year pickups.  Thanks to you, I was able to pick up: Droughns, McGahee, Pittman, & J.Jones.  I cruised through playoffs and brought home the first place hardware. (Earl Caditz)

Great service. Will never leave  T.J. (Thomas Pagluica)

Great site, great insight and keeps you upto date on what is going on.   Helped me win my first championship ... (Jeff Carnahan)

Great stuff I use the projections more than anything. 2nd the matrix. Constant updates on projections.... (mark faber)

Great tool for fantasy football.  Weekly projections played an enourmous roll in evaluating who to start on a weekly basis.  Sunday morning scoop was absolutely essential when injured players are gameday decisions.  My friends would call me every Sunday morning to find out what I knew! (Clifford Casab)

Had it not been for Fantistics, I would, definitely, not have made it to the playoffs.  Insight of the entire Fantistics team, got me to the Superbowl. (Bill Oshman)

I do a lot of my own research, but it cannot come close to all the info that is published by Fantistics Football. This site helps me make calculated decisions as far as the draft, starting lineups, and trades. In my 5 leagues that I participated, I won 2, lost a championship game in another league, finished last in another (missed most of the draft!), and finished 2nd in another. So, with the help of Fantistics Football, I had a great year!  Keep up the good work!  Happy New Year to all!  Can't wait for next year's draft!    Ed R (Edward Rizzuto)

I find your overall product very valuable.  I have reached the finals 3 out of 4 years.  Unfortunately, I have yet to win the BIG game.  My first season, I lost due to under performances from too many players on that particular week.  Last season I lost by 1 point and this season I lost due to a tie-breaker.  I just can't seem to get over the hump but your service has kept me in the competition every year. (Mike M)

I finished 5th out of 12 teams. I started out 0-4 due to D McAllisters injury and other running back injuries, Due to your insights picked up Droughns and traded for Fred Taylor and finished winning 8 out of my last 9. You made an awesome call on Antonio Gates, he made a big difference. I came up short in the playoffs. In five years with you I have finished 1st twice,2nd, 3rd and 5th. Keep up the great work. VAM is the best tool ever when drafting. It almost makes it a no brainer. (Paul Cole)

I finished in third this season - would have won the super bowl had a taken the picks recommended by Fantistics in the finals. (Bryan Lucas)

I finished third last year and improved to win championship this year using Fantastics both seasons. I used VAM to pick-up Gates and Barber when nobody else seemed to want them.  Thanks! (Jim Dooley)

I floundered through two seasons of FF. You guys are awesome!! Nothing beats a championship!! (wayne strohl)

I have been participating in fantasy football for two years now. I have been to the finals both years, and won this year. I love the info and tools available...there is not enough time in the day for me to do this find of research. You guys make it fun.    Todd Davis (Todd Davis)

I have been with Fantistics for 3 years now and have won my league 2 out of the 3 years (the second year I had too many players injured to overcome). I use all the features I can to give me the edge over my competition. I will be a subscriber for as long as I play fantasy football.  Bill Regan Sagamore Hills, Ohio (William Regan)

I have found over the last three years that I have been using your "systems" my knowlege of fantasy football has improved ten fold. Your presentation is easy to read and easy to understand.The information you provide is a great help to me with my week to week Fantasy Teams. (al puccio)

I have used Fantistics Insider Football for several years and have seen great strides in both your articles, forecasts and current data. I am in a very complex league, where the only thing i don't need information on is how many beers i drink on Sundays. I blew away everyone in my seventeen team league this year thanks to your staff. In the past, i used part of the Fantistics information and the rest was used from other web sites.  This year i got tired of being a loser, and in one league this year i played strictly by information and forecasts from you and the other league with just about identical point scales, i used another web site that i have been subscribing to for awhile. I found that i have been wasting my time and money on the other web site as first place to fourteenth place are a world apart. It all started with the draft using the cheatsheet, made to my individual league point system, which is all i took to the draft and there were several snickers when i took Gates, Muhammed and a few others.  Your Droughns and Goings timely pickup direction also helped out when Chris Brown was having problems during the season. Half-way through the season, a couple of owners even contacted me on what i thought of certain players to pick up, which never happened before. I don't know any more than anyone else on fantasy football, except Fantistics is my only pick from now on. (Frank Schwartz)

I made the playoffs in all 3 leagues and was regular season champion in 2 of the leagues. In the Buffalo Wild Wings ( sponsored league, I advanced to the postseason playoff tournament with 36 other league champions and won the grand prize of a 51" Sony TV. The VAM draft strategy was the key to a successful draft.  ie. You had Antionio Gates ranked as #2 TE when no magazine or other web site even had him on the map, I was able to wait until the late rounds to pick him up in all 3 leagues! Thank you Fantistics. (Joe Brock)

I love the pickup recommendations... you always find the gems first. If I would have followed the VAM as far as QBs goes in the first three rounds, I would have had Manning in one league and might have fared better but I followed the draft running backs first approach and although it worked great in the past it killed me this year. In my first league I drafted McNair as my QB per the VAM but injuries killed me there. Same team that I drafted Moss and Rogers. The other league I had Ahmean green first and then I took Suggs second.... DEAD TEAM!!! The guys in my leagues are smart and there was not much left to help. Onterio Smith per your recomandations helped, but his weed suspension also hurt. JUST VERY BAD LUCK THIS YEAR and some poor draft strategy on my part deviating a tad from the VAM. (Jeff Robson)

I missed the draft and my partner drafted. I told him to follow the cheatsheet precisely. When he told me who we got I thought we were down the shoots but Tiki Barber and Antonio Gates proved me wrong! Also I was able to pick up Mark Clayton,Michael Pittman, Julius Jones,and Larry Johnson as a result of your recommendations. Oh, and we also drafted Peyton! (Artie Pankoff)

I really appreciate everything you provide.  Each year you add more and get better!  You don't sit and rest on your past you always seem to improve the site each year!  Thank You!  I would like to see RSS feeds avaialable for Player news/tracker! (Mark Peterson)

I really like your statistical approach, especially the draft software and weekly projections.  The league I won has no transactions or trades after the draft, and your draft software helped me draft an unbeatable team (D. Culpepper, P. Holmes (and L. Johnson), T. Barber, K. Jones, T. Holt, E. Kennison, A. Gates, M. Vanderjagt, and the Patriots DT/ST). (Andy Beckham)

I think the service is tops.  The projections are better than any other in the marketplace.  The draft tools are phenomenal.  I lost my top 5 players to injury, but Fantistics was able to provide me enough information on waiver wire players for me to field a competitive team week to week.  I can't wait to play again next year with Fantistics and a healthy squad. (Brian Johnson)

I think Fantistics is an awesome fantasy football information database.  I follow the pickup recommendations and I think that was a big key to my team success when I had injuries and underperforming players.  Thanks for your help in getting my team to the playoffs! (Celeste Iapichino)

In the past 8 years I made it to the playoffs four times, only to lose in the 1st or 2nd round. Without "Fantistics", I seriously doubt that I would have made it to the playoffs, this year but, I won my Fantasy League Superbowl.  I will never be without "Fantistics" in my fantasy lockeroom again. (Bill Oshman)

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed all of the notes, statistics and humor this season.  By using your site, I feel I have an advantage over other owners and let's face it, that is what can make or break your season.  I lost out in the semi-finals because the Jets played the pathetic Seattle Defense and my opponent had BOTH Curtis Martin & Santana Moss who combined for 4 TD's that day and that is why I lost...just pure dumb bad luck in the matchup department.  I was the high point scoring team in our league in 6 of the last 7 weeks and as noted the only week I did not win was when I was the "victim" of the Jets. I had Manning (which really helped), and other surprises such as Drew Bennett and Brandon Stokely.  I hope to come back even stronger and wiser next year ! (and hopefully a little luckier too :) (Mark Dooling)

Awesome site that helped me win 2 of my leagues.  Greet info!!!! (Douglas Hunt)

Being able to use your suggestions I was able to work much better this year. Past years I "looked" at your suggestion and through some of my own into the game. It didn`t work well that way. I have to thank you. (Jerry Day)

In just my second season, and my first draft with FANTISTICS. Without a clear grasp of the rules or scoring system. I kept all four of my teams alive for a playoff spot.Two teams made it ,and one may have WON IT ALL. NEXT YEAR LOOK OUT!!!!!! (Ernie Doyle)

It was an excellent service that I kind of found accidentally.  Friends and I often shared information and found that Fantistics was consistently providing data that could not be found with some of the big name services. (Mike Morrell)

Considering my 3rd round pick was Steve Smith and my 4th round pick was Charles Rogers, I relied heavily on Fantistics to evaluate trades and free agent pickups.  By the end of the year, there were only 3 (out of 16) players still on my team that I drafted (New England DEF, Eric Johnson, and Brandon Lloyd) - - and yet I still finished with the #1 seed entering the playoffs. (Mick Reinhard)

Cleaned up on my keeper league with incredible draft and weekly plays based on information gathered from and (Kenneth Rivera)

Excellent service in both Football and Baseball. Will use this service as long as I am competing in Fantasy sports. (0000000593 Anonymous)

Excellent service - my favorite by far.  I think luck plays a larger role than it is given credit for, esp. in playoffs of H to H leagues (Michael Libman)

 Great site with the "base" to become the only information source in town for baseball and football.  the way information is organized in here the Insiders can grow the information useage far beyond any other sytem ot on the market today that I know of.  Great job and keep improving the site! (Dave Moreau)

I enjoyed all the aspects of your website and used all most all of the tools that were offered. (Stephen Capozzoli)

I have used Fantistics for one baseball league and 2 football leagues this year. I won my baseball league and was in the finals in one football league and in the playoffs in the other. (kevin recker)

I liked your website.  I am pretty sure I will be back.  Good source of Info. throughout the season. (Brook Parker)

I live by your weekly projections to determine which players to start and which to bench.  I wish I could receive the projections earlier than Thursday so that I can have more time to analyze who to pick-up.  My pickups are due on Thursday evening. (Jason Ingber)

 i think its great.  the matchups, daily reports, and sunday scoop are the most valuable.   thanks again...  any chance of doing NASCAR info? (Andrew Schultz)

I dominated my football league and went 15-1. Manning, Tomlinson, R. Johnson, Gates, J. Walker, Clayton, Burlson.  There was no way I was going to lose many and this is a decent league.  Thanks! (Mike Kowal)

I won my league's championship with your guidance (last year). I drafted Kurt Warner with my fourth pick and STILL won the league! I had the number one overall pick that year and I selected Ricky Williams. I traded Ricky three quarters into the season to get ready for the playoffs. I traded Ricky for Peyton Manning. I also traded for Kevan Barlow who was tremendous in the last week of our playoffs (we play all 17 weeks). (Nicholas Lucente)


I would recommend this site to anyone who doesn't have the time to do all the research on their own (and who does?). The pre-draft information is more than worth the cost of the subscription. (Dennis Uszak)

I've found your information and updates to be, by far,the best available.  The weekly matchup analysis gives the most thorough information I've seen.  The injury updates and injury analysis give a head start towards looking at alternatives and claiming replacements before the other owners in my league can react. (Kim Kafura)

In the league I won I lost Steve Smith but due to your pickup recommendation I took Antonio Gates to replace him.  And when Chad Pennington got hurt I was able to pick up Drew Brees.  The pickup portion of your system had as much to do as anything with my winning since I also picked up Julius Jones, and then Larry Johnson. (John Scheer)

Keep up the good work! (Marc Imbesi)

Made the play off's in 5 of 6 leagues. So won one and placed 3nd in two and 4th and 5th in the other two. It would have been 6 but all 4 of my RB's were hurt in that league. It's a great website and made the year a lot more fun to play then last without the great info to use. (Brae Hulery)

My 1st year as a member and I’m sold. I won my primary league with most of the info coming from Fantistics.  The “player pickup recommendations” was a vital part of my success along with all the other insight from the writers.  I looked forward to going to the website and reading all the articles. Thanks to the entire team at Fantistics and I look forward to next season with you. Florida football fantasy champs 2004 (Adam Estroff)

My best finish yet! I look forward to next football season. Keep up the good work. (Jeff Clarksen)

My team began with Priest Holmes (out 8 games), Travis Henry (out or useless basically the whole year), Todd Heap (out 9 games) as my 3 key players.  As the season went along, many of your tools (Opposition Matchup Matrix, Player Pickup Recommendations) helped me add players like Larry Johnson, Eddie Kennison, Drew Brees, Antowain Smith, Najeh Davenport, and Anthony Thomas as weekly fill-ins.  This helped me obtain a 13-3 record and a 2-game victory in my league.  Thanks for all your help! (Doug Roth)

My team was dead in the water early in the season with injuries to starting RBs (Suggs/L. Gordon) and WRs (Kennison), but by the end of the season, my team was able to play spoiler, and would have done well in the playoffs.  In short, Fantistics did a great job (aside from freakin' McCareins!...though who woulda thought Martin woulda remembered how to play?), we both just got unlucky. (Michael Procton)

No problems at all I would like to see immediate emails on top 10 qbs, wrs, rbs when their are important things out there.. is there a way to set up alerts on your players through cell phones? i.e. instant messages? I recommend your site to all my freinds have gotten you over a dozen now die hard fantistics fans who subscribe to you for football and they all love it. (Mike Reilly)

One-stop shopping for all my Fantasy Football knowledge. (Theodore Garcia)

Over past ten years have made playoffs all 10 played in league championship 4 times and won twice. (Fred Doerr)

Overall this is a great site, this site has helped me win or at least stay in the running for 4 seasons now. This site helps no matter how dedicated you are, if you want to research every scenario you can because the data is here but if you don't you just make it simple and just rank my players for the week.  Thanks for you help over the past 4 year  James Bello (james bello)

Picked up P. Manning last season and held him over into this season.  Manning and a mid-season pick-up of D. Brees put me in the Super Bowl of our fantasy league.  Thanks!  Most helpful was the pre-season info on T. Barber.  Picked him up cheap on draft night.  More that worth his weight in salary cap!  I'm being accused of cheating!!  Ha! (Paul Ledford)

Thank you Fantistics!  In my first try at Fantasy Football I got a championship thanks to all the tools available on the site.  I was even the 10th draft pick out of 12 teams and still pulled off.  My roomate, who also used Fantistics, came in third and would of finished 2nd if not for us meeting in semi-finals.  I highly recommend Fantistics (as long as you don't play in my league,lol) (Todd Varvel)

The guys drafting from cheat sheets out of a magazine published in June don't have a chance. (Rick Halpin)

The information I received from your site allowed me to not have to live on my computer researching stats and still win my league. See you next year. (chris patterson)

The player pickups were the key to winning our league this year with the number of key injuries to status players. (Richard Earle)

There is something to be said of my comments about my primary team results! (keith steger)

This is a great website. (Jason Frank)

This is the 2nd year I've used the service and have place 2nd & 3rd respectively.  I find the service and the draft tools helped me greatly to finish where I did. I can't wait for draft day next August. (Mark Johnson)

This is the first year I used Fantistics exclusively. I looked at other sites during the year but only based my picks on your recommendations.  This was the first year I took 1st place in 7 years and did so in both the leagues I was in. Good Work! Thanks! (Ray Gutierrez)

This is the fourth year I have used this service.  If you use it as a good starting point and read all of the available data, there is a reasonable chance of doing well week to week.  There is always the player and coaching issues that no one can predict.  Compared to some other sites, this one called it closer more often.  Thanks Guys (Louis Lemon)

This was my very first fantasy football league and I won the championship!  I won a 10-team Yahoo league.  I feel that the VAM draft information is by far the most pivotal info that helped me win... well, that and lucking out by getting the first overall draft pick :-)  God Bless You, Mark (Mark Larson)

This was the second year in a row that I ended up with a great late round Tight end.  Last year Crumpler when no one knew about him and this year Gates for the same reason.  Great job ranking the Tightends.  Injuries killed me this year as in my primary league I drafted S Davis and L Suggs as my two primary RB's as I was the last to pick in the first round and all other Great RB's were taken so I drafted T Holt and M Harrison Back to back. (Roger Little)

This website and software keeps me in contention from start to finish.  I greatly improved in all my leagues in the 1st year of using this site/software. (Darren Litwin)

This website has taken my game to a whole new level...because of your VAM draft strategy, I had the best draft in three seasons. I will definately be on board with you next year. (William Balcerski)

Three second place finishes in 3 out of 4 leagues. Due to a couple of key injuries and poor performance out of Holt it could have been at least 2 championships, oh well. Always a bridesmaid never a bride. Thanks for all your help this season and see you next year. Flying Elvis(Joe) (Joseph Nell)

Too many people want to draft early and it gets crazy on hype. But the apporach is a solid approach. NOBODY COULD TOUCH ME FOR DEPTH (8 of 16 teams after losing the first 3 picks to injury and Ind Def I didn't spend too much time on and was limited there and had to cut people to make up hoping others would come back (Holmes, McNair , Suggs). (Leo Prochelo)

Trading for players who are underperforming their averages or statistical VAM is the experienced leagues, many times the owners will hang on, but every now and then, you make a great deal...that's where the revision to the mean comes in...Jimmy Smith in JAX is a perfect example, got him for a broke down CAR RB who shall remain nameless!  And oh yeah, in the league championship again because of it! (brad murrill)

Trending players is a great tool! (Brent Tyson)

Valuation of Julius Jones and Antonio Gates were critical in my draft and eventually in winning our championship.  (I also was able to draft Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison with the 10th and 11th picks in a 10 team league.) (Meric Whetro)

VAM does work and keeping up with changes and pick up recommendations were critical to winning my league (Chris Reyes)


Weekly intelligence and player updates, and weekly projections are very helpful for someone who doesn't have time to search the net for hours  --  30 minutes with your sight each week and I won our league. (Rex Aymond)

will continue to use your service as it always keeps me competitive (michael spellacy)

With Fantistics help, I finished the regular season 9 and 4 with 165 more fantasy points that the nearest play-off contender...not bad for the rookie in a long established league.  Thanks for the trophy Fantistics. (ralph choate)

You guys are great love the service but i did not see one post from any one about the coward andy reid was nobody talked about it after the fact why did you not rip him he cost me a difference of about $1500 i did come in second but should have won im sure he cost alot of people if it was a $100 leauge i would have laughed about it but are entry is $550 per team in a 12 team leauge needless to say i threw up my eggplant dinner at halftime.see you next year and i hope you post please keep us td only guys in mind for next year. I admit we are old fasion but everybody loves it thats why we pay $550 to get in. I understand alot of people are in yardage and you have to take care of them but please once again keep us td only guys in mind for next year thanks and see you later. (bob fusco)

You guys are the best. For competitive reasons I've never mentioned this site to anyone else b/c the player pickup insight and sunday lineup scoops are priceless. Great Job !! (Rich Drucis)

You have always provided enough info and insight to help me finish in the top half of any league i compete in, if not win it outright. (Douglas Kidd)

You supplied all the tools, but I could not overcome Manning's greed (I had Edge) nor could I get a good replacement for Dom Davis when he went down.  I traded for Vick early and he was more cold than hot as a fantasy QB (Andy Briggs)

your insight is outstanding. i will be back next year if i get past my 68th birthday. if people pay attention, your service will pay for itself. larry gindling, U.S.N. retired. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU. (larry gindling)

Your site is the best out there.  I went from last in the division last year (1 win...thanks Tiki) to the wildcard slot this year, thanks to the info on your site.  I did so much better in my draft that I set myself up for success...and the seasonal recommendations on those 'up-and-comers' filled injury slots at the right time, giving me depth when other guys were squirming in their seats!  With a little more luck next year, I just might go all the way!  Thanks Fantistics...and sign me up for next year.  You guys rock! (Mike Adamski)

Your site was a tremendous help - I will continue to subscribe next year and for many more years to come. (Dan Cecchelli)


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