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Experienced Fantasy Football GMs utilize the Fantistics service! Over 75% of Fantistics Football members have over 5 years playing experience. Below is the experience of level of last season's subscribers:

Greater than 10 years 36.8% Between 3-5 years 13.0%
Between 7- 10 years 15.6% 2 years 5.0%
Between 5-6 years 23.8% 1 year 5.7%

Fantistics Football Subscriber Testimonials

In our 2006 season ending survey we asked subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial that we could publish:

Because of your drafting software, I took chances on people like Gore. In 3 Fantasy Football leagues I went to the semifinals in 2 leagues and won the superbowl in another. I currently am also in first place in a points league. I won my fantasy baseball league this year because of the drafting software. I ALMOST believe I have a unfair advantage in my leagues with the software. One of my leagues is trying to get it banned for next year. (Conrad Baker Jr)

I love the work you guys do.  Your call on Gore this year was fantastic and caused at least one person to curse me openly.  I'll definitely be back next year. (Todd Weniger)

I play in 3 big money leagues and follow football obsessively.  The software does a great job on draft day of eliminating the players that do not contain the best projections per position.  Also, the draft sheets are invaluable to getting ahead of the competition.  The more information you have the better your chances are in anything and there isn't a site out there that offers the type of analysis predraft that Fantistics does. (Brad Cottreau)

1st place for the second time in the three years using you guys!!!!!!!! I gave you 130.00 bucks for the three years I've used you guys, you gave me about 600.00 bucks and bragging rights for another year! I love you guys!   Brae Hulery Reno NV (B. Hulery)

Another great year for Fantistics. We have a two week super bowl and I have a 22 point lead with one week to go. Thanks for a great job. My draft philosophy was to get the two players with the biggest difference in projected value at their position so I bought A. Gates and Larry Johnson. The others in my league called me the old guy, now they call me the old smart guy. Thanks Again Ken Cain (ken cain)

Draft materials and the ability to tailor the projections to the performance criteria of our league is exceptional.  We were able to draft a surprisingly superior team based upon this input.  Measured in "total points scored", our team far outscored the second place "points" total by over 40%. (James Webster)

I've been with Fantistics now for about 5 years. I have seen excellent improvement each year. I am delighted to see the Fantistics staff work each off-season to give their customers more and better tools to coach their fantasy teams with. I would estimate that the number of tools has roughly doubled since I first started with Fantistics. Of particular help to me this year were the Sunday Scoop and the Pick-Up Recommendations sections. I will also say that Fantistics does a great job in pre-season projection rankings (within statistical reason!). I noticed that several players were ranked higher on the Fantistics list than my competitors lists (of note this year was Steven Jackson - last year, it was Steve Smith coming off his injury). This allowed me to wait on these guys and draft them much lower in the draft than their actual value - a definite plus on draft day! For those out there worried about the price tag of this service, I won first and second places in two leagues, which was more than enough to cover the "expense". Keep up the good work! (Randy Pinkley)

Last year I came in dead last.  This year a friend told me about fantistics and I subscribed just to avoid the cellar.  Not only did I avoid last place, I destroyed my league.  I finished the regular season 12-2 and walked right through the playoffs.  Fantistics made all of the difference in the world.  My only regret is telling a couple of guys in the league about it.  See you next year. (David Freeman)

As alwayz -- I find Fantistics an absolute must for both baseball & football.  I've averaged second in my last four leagues and can blame my fantist-aholic habit. (Dan Kopp)

During my draft I got laughed at for picking up Ahman Green and Frank Gore.  I picked them based on the fantisitics software recommendation.  Obviously I had the last laugh as Green and Gore were both fantasy forces this year.  Thank you! (Dave Moser)

Been using the software as well as the sites huge wealth of information for a couple of years now and am always in the hunt (Superbowl or one game shy!). This year I actually won one of my leagues and owe a great deal of thanks to all the guys at fantistics. Thank You! Mike F. (Michael Ford)

Draft guide was fantastic, I had Owners coming over to look at my computer in every draft I was in.  It's so nice to have one place to go to find all my information during the season. (Howard E. Thynge, Jr.)

enjoyed the site immensely all year!! I hope nobody else finds out about you guys due to the advantage you supply. Thank you (Mark Hammel)

Excellent source of information.  Draft tools give you a huge edge over other players in your league.  VAM is the only way to go. (Christopher Abbott)

Fabulous job of player tracking. Thanks for a great year! (edward rosenblatt)

Fantastic draft insight!  I was able to draft 5 of the top 15 highest scoring players in my 10 team league because you guys saw Frank Gore, Mike Vick & Willie Parker coming.  Thanks! (Brian Sprafka)

Fantastics Insider gives me the Inside info so that I can Truly use to Coach my Team! I have Finished in the top Three of a big League every year that I have used it! I hope others don't get it, because then it is easier to beat them! Don't tell anyone!!! (Ben Yost)

Fantastics is great, I couldn't compete at a high level without it. Thats for baseball and football (David Elam)

Fantastics is such a great drafting tool that I make sure nobody else in my league finds out what software I'm using. Since I started using Fantastics 5 years ago, I've  finished first, first, second, third, and first in a highly-competitive league that started 16 years ago. (Patrick Mulry)

Fantistics does all of the work for me that I don't have time to do. (Todd McPencow)

Fantistics Football provides me with all the information needed to make my starting line up.  Then it is up to the Coach.. (Gerald Little)

Fantistics has it all!!  The knowledge these guys provide is simply amazing.  Top that up with one of the best predraft setup kits and prepare to dominate.  I participated in 4 leagues this year.  Finished 1st in 3 of them and 3rd in the other!!  Thanks fantistics!!!  See you next year!! (Josh Knowles)

Fantistics has taken the daunting task of compiling the statistics of the game and presents it in a useable and compelling format.  Thanks for all of your help with enjoying the game. (Michael Schustereit)

Fantistics is a great site with all the stats needed to help run your fantasy teams.  You have helped me make the playoffs the past 3 years for eight teams in that span with 2 championships this year and 1 last year.  Thanks for the boost! (Shane Ely)

Fantistics is a key site for league management during the season.  But more importantly, it saves me countless hours in draft preparation.  I used to create a similar draft tool by hand.  In two seasons in two leagues, it has helped me to two first place finishes, a second place finish and a third (in playoffs).  I would recommend to anyone (except the fellow owners in my league!). (Dan Pitre)

Fantistics is great!  The software is very easy to use during the draft and the website is great throughout the rest of the season.  This was my first year using Fantistics and you guys helped me win one league and place second in my other league.  I will definitely be back next year!  Please don't tell the other owners in my league about your service! (Brad Frerichs)

Fantistics is the best because they use real numbers to give insight that you can't find anywhere else.  Couple that with a knowledgeable, intelligent staff and you have all the information you need to succeed. (Douglas Burrell)

Gave a big edge in draft and weekly player substitutions, I prefer Baseball and don't see how I give up your service in that sport your seasonal projections were incredibly close to actual! (Robert Martin)

Great site (Gary Pess)

Great stuff!  Keep up the great work.  Keep working hard and you will continue to improve.  Winning tastes great. (Bob Swanger)

GREATEST AMOUNT OF INFORMATION IN ONE PLACE AND EASY TO ACCESS!!  Great Job...and some pretty good stories!! (Tom Tench)

Helped me gain an advantage over returning players in my first year in the league! (David Feldman)

I am very happy with this service, was the first year that I used your draft day software and it got me to the championship game(1st time ever), probably would have won if L.T. scored his three to four TD's that he was getting in previous weeks...that and I didn't lose most of my WR's to injury's (or their QB's getting hurt). (Shawn Huber)

I drafted 9th out of 10 this year & due to Fantastics, I still feel I had an edge on the rest of the league. I out drafted everyone else & I used the waiver wire more efficiently too. I finished in first with an 11 - 3 record and I won the League Championship in the 2 week playoff. This is my first time taking First Place money, Thanks!  I've come close before, but late season injuries or just bad luck seemed to always pop up. I certainly had the best team this year, which is pretty amazing considering my draft position. (Frank Pacific)

I finally got my first Super Bowl victory this year after many years of trying.  Fantistics has always been there for me with the best information giving me the edge to always be right in the hunt year after year.  Keep up the good work!! (Chris Rau)

I hate fantasy football, was talked into playing, used your resources extensivley and dominated the league by utilizing "player recommendations"..jones-drew, big ben and pats def.  I took the cash and retired.  Can't wait for baseball, lets get started!!! (Dan Rogowski)

I have been with Fantistics for 7 years, and each year I am extremely competitive because of their assistance for draft day and weekly advice. There is no way I have the time to gather the information available to me each week that Fantistics give me. Thank you Fantistics for assisting me to the top of my league. (Mike Fincher)

I have played FF for 7 years and never had a great team, until I joined Fantistics 3 years ago.  Now, with their assistance, combined with my improved skill and some luck, I have won 2 out of the last 3 years.  I will be back next year to take 3 out of 4.  PS - Thanks LT! (brook parker)

i have used fantistics for baseball and football for many years. i also use a number of other sites. i find though that i rely much more on fantistics for my drafts and dailey/weekly transactions then the other sites. their projections just seem so much more accurate. (tom hatterick)

I just can't pick the right players. Your stats helped, but I had too many good players so it was hard to choose. (Brian Sunde)

I love the product, you guys do a great job and have a customer here as long as you keep doing the they way you are. (David Winkler)

I played in the tournament of champions web site. But with all the players I figured they took out about $40,000 of the prize money for them selves. I would be interested in you guys doing it next year. Thanks (Steven Trickey)

I really like the way I can track news and stats about MY players. The sites my competitors use are not nearly as easy to see data about their teams. (Greg Erickson)

I thank you for the tip on Frank Gore, and Kevin Jones. (Douglas Morgan)

I think Fantistics is great!! I won my baseball League and I finished 3rd in the football. Not a bad year. I'll be back next year. (Joe Langham)

I thought that the e-mails delivered on game day were invaluable.  It helped me make decisions with a rash of injured players as to whether they were going to play or not. (John Markwiese)

I wake up to the "Sunday Morning Scoop." Stats don't lie. Stats are a yeard stick by which you measure the "groove" your players are performing at. I love the defensive ratings side by side with the players performance. No fumbling looking at different stat sheets. The Weekly Projections have everything at your finger tips. (Dave Toth)

I was so impressed with your Football product, I have just signed up for the Baseball. (Thomas Small)

I would not do without your help! (James Anderson)

I would not have won my first fantasy football championship this year without fantistics.  That makes 2 fantasy championships this season and a total winnings of over $600.  Thanks Fantistics I will definitely be back. (Ken Gardner)

I would not put my money on the line in Fantasy Sports without your site. (Ken Foy)

I'm getting too old to do the work myself, and your service not only saved me tons of time, but I won the championship, and finished 2nd in points without an ounce of stress. (Seth Moskowitz)

I'm starting to feel like I'm stealing from my friends. Two 2nds and a 3rd and in the league I finished 3rd my buddy finished 2nd using your service. Since I started using your service I've finished in the money every year in more then one league usually. If it wasn't for injuries late in the year I'd have several titles under my belt from the last 3 seasons. Keep up the great work. Flying Elvis (Joe Nell)


I've used your site 3 out of the last 4 years and have finished 1st out of 10, 3rd out of 10, and 2nd out of 12. The year I did not use your site for advice I finished 7th out of 10 and did not make the playoffs! This site really works! I've not told my competitors about your site, and don't plan on doing so! (Richard Smith)

It's been a great 5 years with Fantistics! Every year you guys get better! Keep up the great work! (Scott McDiarmid)

I've been with Anthony P. for many years, its a great service and he and his team have done a wonderful job....Love the site!!!!!!!! (Rick Linder)

 Just an outstanding product.  I am under huge time constraints during the season and this is really the only way that I can stay on top of things. (A Michael Smith)

Many thanks for another great year.  I finally won my league's championship in my 19th year.  I picked both teams in the finals last year (one of the owners could not make it) and I played them again in the finals this year and exacted revenge for last year's loss.  I have been in the playoffs for 8 straight years (conincdence? I think not) and finally got lucky enough to have things go my way.  The website is great and the daily updates and recommendations are what set you apart (in addition to the excellent draft package).  I always enjoy the commentary from all of the writers.  Thanks again, see you for baseball season (where I have won 2 titles and finished in the money 5-6 straight years as well.    For me, Fantisics is my source all year long ! (Mark Dooling)

My draft had my team in first place all season.  Too bad the injuries crept up on me in the end. (Brian Corl)

No matter how one sets up their team there is still something at Fantistics for everyone. If you're not a stat person then you're lucky that you have some of the top people who are here at Fantistics to help you. I recommend this to many people and publicly give it my strongest endorsement. (Michael Rapaport)

Not for publishing, but by far, the weekly player projections were right on all year.  Nobody wanted any of my players during the year (trades) but each week I was able to stay ahead of everyone by utilizing the projection criteria.  Thanks. (Paul H.)

Once again Fantistics proves to be the best Software out there to get a leg up on your competition. Pre-draft through playoffs it has helped me through it all. the Weekly projections so early in the week really helped me in deciding trades and pickups. Thanks again Mike Reilly Boston. (Michael Reilly)

Overall, I think Football Fantistics is great product.  I have won my overall  tournaments two years in a row and much of the credit has gone to using the analysis provide by your site.  It's like having your own research department, without spending hours and hours searching the web.  If you really want to give yourself a competitive advantage its a must have! (Anthony Johnson)

Picking up players early in the season is worth the price alone.  I always seem to be the manager that picks up the sleeper who didn't get drafted thanks you your pick up recommendations.  This year, Marques Colston, Leon Washington, Jerricho Cotchery helped me to finish strong in a deep league after losing Shaun Alexander and the slow start of Chad Johnson. (Todd Lemieux)

Pre draft information best on the market. (william apken)

Since I've been using Fantistics, 5 years, I have finished in the money every year. This year I was away in a rural area for 4 months with little or no computer access. I drove 800 miles home the day before the draft downloaded your software went to the draft and drove 800 miles back. There were a lot of rookie and marginal players that I wasn't too sure of, but drafted right down the list, again trusting your research over my prejudicies. Too bad you didn't know Trent Green would be knocked out in the 1st week or I would have won my league. (Randy Dolenec)

Since using Fantistics Football, I've made the playoffs 4 straight years and been to the bowl 3 times.  Fantistics helps you win! (Kevin Weatherwalks)

some good , helpful, things--some of no value to me (jack mcgarry)

The informed choice in fantasy football information. (Adam Freitag)

The site is great and a useful source of player insight and interesting trends. I really appreciate the daily news aspect as it is tough to keep up with all the player developments during the week. (ED Martin)

The weekly projections put me in constant position to play the correct personnel. It was especially helpful in choosing receivers. It's not hard to decide between your QB's, one was probably a very high draft choice. Ditto the RB's. I won my league AND had McNabb. The weekly projections led me to Harrington on Thanksgiving, Pennington the week after, and Kitna for my play-offs. Thanks! (tim connors)

This was a great tool. I am in a very tough league where everyone does their homework. This helped me keep that edge. I have used other services before and was lucky enough to win last year. With everyone aware of my success I needed to up my advantage and find a better service to keep me ahead of the other teams. Thank you for helping me win 2 years in a row. (Jeff Strenk)

This was a tough year, but with the help of Fantistics, I did much better than I could have on my own.  I went from first in both leagues to third in both.  I'll be back next year!  Thanks! (Mike Morrell)

Two years in a row a Champ.  I owe it to you. (RJ Thompson)

We had the #3 in a 14-team lead, and the fools ahead of us let L.T. fall to us.  Coming back, we took Reggie Bush based on your VAM ranking of him.  Guys in our league laughed.  We laughed last, because our point scoring includes receptions and we are in the Super Bowl.  I had thought about drafting a Brees/Rivers straddle at QB, because either the SD system or Brees caused those numbers last year, but we trusted your rankings and banked on Culpepper instead.  We picked up Romo during the season, so that saved us, but it would have been really nice to have Brees/Rivers and have used our #3 pick on Reggie Wayne instead of Culpepper.  Bottom line, you guys missed on Brees (way too low) and on Culpepper (way too high), but you took care of us on recommendations of Bush and Glenn, and we're in the Super Bowl, so it's alllllllll good. (Paul Dykstra)

Won 2d half & 3d iin 1st half - thanks to you!!!! (Fred Godbout)

You are THE best.  PERIOD.  I have won back to back championships against very savvy football people.  Your approach works extremely well.  Keep it up! (Steve Shaw)

You guys did it for me again this year. Two leagues and two first place trophies. I can't say enough about the draft cheat sheet every year designed around my individual league scoring. Year after year my opposing managers bring in piles of data, books, etc. and all i have is a few sheets of paper. Sorry that i can't share your site with them but... i have a good thing going for myself and why ruin it.  The mighty Bula_Bearz (Frank Schwartz)

Thanks to Fantistics I have won my WCOFF division for 2 consecutive season. You have an amazing draft strategy and excellent player projections. Kudos to the entire staff. (S. Brown)

you guys do a great job (john bertone)

You guys were the only service that even mentioned Frank Gore with any confindence, i am in 4 leagues and managed to get him on 3 of my teams. Those teams finished 1,2,3 all winning some money, the team he wasnt on finished 6th. Please find the next diamond in the rough for next year, your service is fabulous! (rory Gloeckner)

 Among several helpful tools I found the ranking of defensive teams (a-f) by week to be most helpful. I was in a position where I had to keep juggling my "D's" and 90% of the time I made the correct move using this tool. (Robert Stein)


Your tools are very excellent. Since I have been using your site I have only been out of the money once in our private leagues. (Steve Stipp)

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