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Fantistics Football Subscriber Testimonials

In our season ending survey we ask subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial that we could publish:

Fantistics does the statistical analysis that I used to wish I had the time to do myself. 90% of all the people in all the leagues I'm in boil fantasy down to lucky players and lucky matchups. Since I started using Fantistics I have consistently finished in the money and won leagues that I'm in at a higher percentage than anyone else. I hope Fantistics remains my little secret! (Adam S)

I first used Fantistics Insider Football last season and after sixteen years I finally won the big game and I owe it all to your website! Fantistics was very informative and had tons of information which I used each and every week. The information you supplied was on point and very useful. I would definitely use this website and program again. I also recommended the website and program to my friends who are commissioners in other leagues. Thanks again for another great season of Fantistics Insider Football! - Mike Inca Fantasy Football League (Michael Incantalupo)

I subscribed to 4 different pay for advice sites in 2012. Fantistics had the best, most accurate pre-season and in-season projections. My primary league processes waiver wire transactions on Tuesday, so I really appreciated the weekly projections coming out on Tuesday. Some other sites don't get projections out until Wednesday and they were not as accurate. I will definetly use Fantistics again next year. (Tim Neal)

Best of the Best, Fantistics can help you become a Champion! (Jack West)

Fantistics is by far the best service for anyone serious about fantasy sports. I cashed in all 4 NFL Fantasy leagues that i participated in making this a fantistic new year for me with lots of extra cash!! I will be subscribing again next year and for many more years to come!! Thanks Gentlemen - please keep up the good work!! DAN (Dan Cecchelli)

Once again Fantistics has come through.. Here is a direct quote from one of my league players talking about my play the last 6 years I have been using fantisitics..shhh "He must have a secret draft system because he has been near the top for the past 6 years straight" And its true for past 6 years I have finished in atleast the top 4 and won 3 championships.. This year was the most impressive as my team was not a flashy team with only Drew Brees as my main point getter.. All others were just consistent mid level points..this resulted in scoring over 100 points in all but 3 weeks. Thanks to you guys and the recommended pickups my plague of RB injuries was not a major problem because your pickups I followed to the T and for the most part they all worked out.. Thanks again for a great year!! Mike Reilly (Mike Reilly)


1st out of 40 teams. Tim's Talons 2012 Super Bowl Champion Neighborhood Football League 13-5-0 season. 1st year using any program. Moose, Duck, Mitch, Andy......which one of you will next join the Rick, Adam, Tim trophy club. (Timothy Brown)

A very good site with great up to date info.Now if you can just predict the injuries a week in advance! (Rick Gordon)

I've used Fantistics for years and while it doesn't always lead to a championship, it does provide all the information I could need to keep me competitive every year. But this year, it paid off in a much different way. I was called to our corporate headquarters at the last minute and had to be on a plane on draft day. I had to find someone to draft for me at the last minute or drop out of the league. The only person available that day was one of my employees. She follows the hometown team and had helped her son in his fantasy league one year but really didn't know about fantasy football. I loaded the fantistics draft software on her laptop, went over what all the metrics were and talked some strategy for the draft. She texted me before going into the draft room that she was extremely nervous. I told her to have fun, use the software, and do what she could. Then I got on the plane. Using the draft software, she was easily able to identify the top players and the positions we needed. She ended up drafting a great team that took as to the top seed during the regular season and an 11-2 record. And it all was made possible by the draft software. Great job! (Chris Tolle)

As always, great and helpful insights. I really found the forward-looking matchups helpful in making waiver claims. (Ken Goldberg)

Fantastic results. I finished the season 13-0 and have won the first round of playoffs. This week is the final game and I'm favored by 20pts. (Glenn Hartong)

Fantistics is my secret weapon in fantasy football and baseball. This was my first year using the site and my fantasy performance saw a huge spike in the right direction. I am consistently finishing at the top or near the top of my leagues. I plan to use this site for the rest of my fantasy playing career. (Charles McGlynn)

Fantistics.com took my Fantasy Football team to the upper echelon with their player projections, weekly matchup analysis and daily updates. If you want to dominate your league, sign up today! (Joseph Everett)

Flat out awesome. (Chris Connell)

Great information that is easy to use and very accurate weekly projections upon which to make your lineup. I highly recommend Fantistics to everyone (except for my league's other owners - I like having the Fantistics advantage to myself) (Eric Johnson)

Great information! I would not recommend it to my friends because they are in the same leagues with me and my advantage would be gone! (Tom Tench)

Great product. I will come back next year... (Mark Gladden)

Great product. Have won my league or placed in top 3 (we do total points for the year) every year I've used your product. Average profit of $300 per year with some around $500. Of course the bragging rights are more important! (Brett Epstein)

Great product. Really good value and visited constantly during the season. Many thanks. Now please add an IPad app!! (Andy Cochrane)

Great program - looking forward to next year (Karl Chandler)

Great program, great projections. (Joe Higgins)

Greatest site on the web for fantasy football information!! (Chris Rau)

Had and awesome fantasy year...won 2 baseball and hopefully 2 football leagues with the help of Fantistics....Great work... (Ryan Treat)

I am an old man, who doesn't have as much time to follow football as much as I used to, but the knowledge that your site has given me allows me to always be in contention for the championship. I have finished no less than 2nd place in 4 out of the last 5 years. I am still the guy that wins most of the time. I usually have the team to win. (Paul Kearney)

I find that overall both the amount and type of information I get from this fantasy web has been very helpful in my doing much better in both my FFB and FBB leagues and would recommend them to anyone who ask's (Brian Lund)

I found Fantistics to be a great source of information! It definitely was a tool I used in making my weekly who-to-start decisions. I will use Fantistics again in next years draft, and look forward to using the tools they offer in 2013! (Jim M)

I found the software valuable in picking up unknown, or undervalued players, often undervalued in other fantasy sites. It allowed me to pick up players who eventually surfaced as stars and ultimately make a huge difference. (glenn lirman)

I had a great year and owe a huge amount of my success to Fantistics. I had ove 77% of my points scored by players I drafted, so I think that says allot about the Fantstics draft advice. (Rob Ball)

I have been using your site now for almost 8 years and it gives me the edge I need to be ahead of other sites. You always seem to be ahead of the other sites. Thank You Tguns (Thomas Esker)

I have used your software for 7 years. I have made the playoffs in 6 of those 7 years!! (Michael Currie)

I hesitate to go against the wisdom of Fantistics because they seem to have this uncanny knack of forecasting success. My teams are superior to the opposition because of the service they provide. (Steve Voegtle)

I know -alot- about football. But after joining my first 16 man/IDP/30 man roster league, I definitely felt out of my element. With the help of Fantistics, I was able to be in contention the entire year. The larger the league, the larger the edge you posses with this software in your corner. Highly recommended! (Don Schulte)

I love the combination of sports and statistical analysis so I love Fantistics and and the way you guys look at Fantasy football. (Peter Griffiths)

I love the daily emails. The content is excellent and very helpful (Daniel Rhodes)

I love fantistics! FINALLY experts who "FORECAST" in their weekly projections/rankings rather than just "React" to how well/or poorly a player did in the previous week (a'la espn's matthew berry and tim hasselback etc. smh) I will undoubtedly be subscribed in 2013 as well, looking forward to another successful season, Thank you all at fantistics ^_^ (Larry Mountjoy)

I rely on this software and your summaries and daily information. I like to win. Amazingly I was underdog in the last 8 matchups and I am on an 8 game winning streak and in our SUPERBOWL. (Jim McCullough)

I used the weekly player projections religiously and it always give me the best chance to win. (Matt Hoffman)

I will be back next season this is a very solid product. I felt like I was the most prepared I've ever been for my drafts. (Matt Richter)

I won my league this year with no drops/adds from my original draft 12-4. Hopefully I'll take the superbowl this week! (Tara OBrien)

I've been playing fantasy football for 6 years now, always doing multiple leagues, and I've never won. I used Fantistics this year for the first time and I won 2 different leagues. Fantistics helped me change my whole draft strategy and I'm 100% convinced that I wouldn't have won these 2 leagues if I hadn't used this amazing tool. (Kenny Klein)

I've been with you guys for 8 yrs. and have won 3 chamionships....great stuff!!! (wayne strohl)

I've to the playoffs all four years I've used Insider Football. I won my dynasty league in 2012. I was in three leagues in 2012 and went to the playoffs finishing in the top 2/3 in all leagues. That's no easy task as any multi-team fantasy owner knows. I'm going to the championship in one league again this year. (Brian Holt)

I've tried many services from Yahoo, ESPN and NFL.com to Rotowire, FantasyFootballStarters and others. This year, by far and by a HUGE percentage, I did much better than I have have as far as wins and streaks, 5,6,8 game winnijg streaks, won our weekly $100 bonus for having the high score in one league (came close several times). Using your program has made this fun again. I am on a baseball league also and I definitely plan on using you for that compared to this. People are asking me what I use, and I know you need $, but I won't tell them. : ) That wouldn't be smart. (Robert Rose)

Keep up the good work. Love the program! (Bill Lind)

Last year I won it all and this year I had the best team in my league but got unlucky in the semifinal round. Over the past two years my record is 20-6-1, netting me 1st and 3rd. I always have a great team and I owe it all to fantistics pickup recommendations and weekly projections in setting my lineup week after week. Thanks for making me ffl genius! (Jason Ingber)

Love the full package - I have won the regular season two years in a row. I always have other owners asking me for suggestions at the draft on players. We have a no computer policy at the draft so I always black out the fantistics name on the draft sheet I use so my competition doesn't know where my information comes from. (Steve Ratzlaff)

Love this program , look forward to having you back next year. (CHRIS JANIAK)

Love your site. (Anthony Johnson)

LUV. your site. like how personel you guys are. Will return an e-mail sent your way. just make sure you invite me back nx. yr. It's a long off season, And I luv. fantasy football. Oh forgot, Keep up the good wk. Except I can't give out your site to my compitition. Hey have a Happy New Year. Oh and lets us pick more than 1 response on the ? please. thanks. See ya nx. yr. (steve ehl)

Missed time from Lance Moore, Jimmy Graham, Hakeem Nicks, Dwayne Bowe, Antonio Brown and suffered minor injuries from Jamaal Charles and Julio Jones... And still made the playoffs thanks to your outlook on late season pickups Denario Alexander and Marcel Reece. I'll be back next year. You complete me. (Todd Weniger)

Overall you guys are still the best service I have seen! (Ben Yost)

The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Seth Gatchell, Jr.)

The Value against Mean draft strategy of Fantistics get's me a top tier results year after year. Only Injuries mess up my great drafts! (Jeff Robson)

This software has great potential to bring home the championship. I likely would have done much better in all of my leagues if it weren't for some untimely injuries. With that being said, I still made the playoffs because of some timely pickups based on recommendations from this software. I will definitely use this software again, and will try the baseball software as well. (Todd Rosenberg)

This was my first year using Fantistics. I played in three out of five playoff Championships. Thanks for helping me succeed in a great year! (Dale Gebauer)

This year was my first using the Fantistics site/software. I won 3/6 leagues with a 2nd in another. Needless to say, you guys have a customer for life. Between the software and the weekly updates, I have to say this is easily the most in-depth and informative site for Fantasy sports. I cant wait to dominate my baseball leagues this year! Thanks and keep up the outstanding work. (Chris D.)

very good, wait till next year (Richard Fournier)

Very helpful, and extremely dedicated to the fantasy games, from a 27 year FF player Yogi Hiltner, Atlantic City (Yogi Hiltner)

We dominated our league, winning total points during the season and then winning the championship. Our team was really awesome. Partially due to our lucky selection of Adrian Peterson in the 3rd round, but also due in no small part to the Fantistics website which provided critical value add. In fact, we won the championship because we took the Packers D in week 16 based on the "defense on the rise" section... Overall, there is no substitute for the Fantastics approach. If you want to win this is the best tool that you can have, because it is not only great but it is kind of proprietary, like a secret weapon. (Michael Terner)

When playing in a PPR league, your weighting is tremendously helpful at draft time. Many other players are using fantasy analysis that does not factor in PPR. I was able to overcome a mostly unproductive Chris Johnson and finish first in my 12 team league regular season. Unfortunately Stafford only gave me 6 points in my first playoff game and I lost by only 5 points. Killed my opponent for third place. Except for Stafford, I would have won this year. You have a great service. Same for baseball. (Jerry Habegger)


You get as much out of Fantistics as you put in. The more I read, the better I did. Dez Bryant also helped me win championships ;) (Mike Habegger)

You guys are way too good to be recommended to the competion (tom decker)


During the survey we asked subscribers if they were satisfied enough to return the next season:

  • Yes: 91%

  • Maybe: 8%

  • No: <1%

Enjoyed all your information this year:  I read your material daily, and will be back next year.  Keep up the good work! (Steve Leva)

I won both my leagues this year.  I have 3 wins in the last two years.  I always rely heavily on the software at the draft and during the season to determine lineups and pick-ups during the year.   I am convinced your software gives me an edge.  Nobody else in my leagues uses it and (sorry)  I am not telling them about it. (Steve Ratzlaff)

Fantistic gives me an edge and does a good job keeping me informed of my player's status. (Ray Gutierrez)

Fantistics is Fantastic  It makes my decisions so very easy, I can rest assured that I have the best information available to me and that I will play the right players that makes the most sense (Jim Turcott)

I like and think your site is very helpful. There are many ways you can use the info you guys provide. Its helped me win my league or division 8 out of 10 years. (Al Puccio)

For Fantasy Football knowledge, utility, and performance nothing, and I mean nothing comes close to help you make informed choice at the draft and during the fantasy season. (cale carter)

Great insight!! (Brian Nabors)

Great job (Todd Wade)

Great Job (Jerry Little)

Great site!!!! many free sites available, Fantistics has  a reason too charge well worth the fee. Great information and updated. This site never lets me down. Also the software is very easy to use. Thanx Fantistics......... (Jody Ryan)

Great work again.  I have been coming back year after year (baseball as well) and your work continues to improve.  I am always in the running for a title which is all one can ask for.  See you in spring for baseball! (Bob S.)

See the details of the Player Projections Software

i am in 2 different 12 team leagues. i'm a number one seed in one league and a number 2 seed in the other league. fantistics has been my number one source of information since before our drafts. Couldn't have done nearly as well as i did without fantistics. (tom hatterick)

I can't even count how many years I've subscribed to fantistics. Every year they add something to the software or website that adds significant value to the product. The draft software allows you to make quick and better decisions even if you don't do a lot of predraft preparation. I'm thinking about getting hand surgery so I can give it more thumbs up! (0000001655 Anonymous)

I continue to be a force each year in my league with the help of fantistics. I am always in the playoffs and usually win it all. (mike Anonymous)

I did well in all 3 leagues.  Typically do well in 1 or 2 but never all 3 so I think your software helped me quite a bit.  (Rich McGill)

I don't have a lot of time for research.  The best thing I like about your software is the fact that if I generate a draft sheet the night before the draft, the chances are very good that I won't draft an injured or even worse yet retired player (others have done in it my league).  I also find the projections very useful.  I often add other players that are available on the waiver wire just to see if they are better than my current options and worth picking up. (Craig Despeaux)

Experienced Fantasy Football GMs utilize the Fantistics service! Over 85% of Fantistics Football members have over 5 years playing experience. Below is the experience of level of last season's subscribers:

Greater than 10 years


Between 3-5 years


Between 7- 10 years


2 years


Between 5-6 years


1 year


I have been a subscriber for the last 3-4 years, but I have been playing in our private league for the last 13 years and made it to the Championship game once and lost.  I was skeptical on how Fantastics' service would help me.  But in using your service as a tool and applying my own savvy and common sense.  I have made it to our Championship game the last 3 years in a row!  It did help me, and now I have other teams asking what service I use. (Jim Duarte)

I have been doing fantasy football for 20 years and this is my best season that I can remember!! (joe chemero)

I have been playing and administering fantasy leagues for over 25 years.  This football season was great.  I listened to all your advice.  I am not sure what could make it better. (Anthony Romagnino) 

I needed some personal attention this season relative to installation of the software and received almost immediate, helpful feedback and follow-up.  It was much appreciated!  Keep up the great work and ongoing improvements.  I can only hope that word doesn't get around!  I'd like this to be my secret!  I hope you make enough return on investment to keep the service valuable and exceptional - and, that none of my competitors ever find out about it!!!  See you for the upcoming Baseball season! (Ken Foy)

I only started playing two seasons ago and used Fantistics both years, came in 4th last year and still in playoffs second round we shall see!!!!!!! (Jeff Leduc)

I think the system works very well for serpentine draft leagues, and have had great success in those leagues.  However, I have not had good success using Fantistics in my auction league.  I have tried a number of different ways over several years to use Fantistics' EAV and FF$ values to guide my auction strategies, but consistently wind up with poor or mediocre teams.  I may be using the values incorrectly, so perhaps better explanation would be enough to make them more useful. (Joe Moss) 

I utilized your software for baseball this past year and it was outstanding.  But the football insight from Drew was simply phenomenal.  For the most part he was accurate in his assessments.  There were the occasional times he was incorrect but he always had a valid explanation for his analysis.  And he was genuinely upset when he made an inaccurate assessment on a player.  Your radio show on BLOG-TALK is A++++++++++++.  Far superior to any PODCAST out there. (Keith Creelman)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their overall Impression of Fantistics was:

  • Great Content: 86%

  • Good Content: 13%

  • Poor Content:  <1%

 I was in the final four in all three of my leagues, the last three years. (Glen Narimatsu)

i would say that Vic is an amazing programmer and person in general :-) (Stuart Adams)

I've been playing in my fantasy league for 5 years now with 4 playoff appearances and 3 championship  appearances to FINALLY became a champion this year thanks to  Fantistics Software. Thanks Again Fantistics Fantasy Football!! (Rodney Washington)

I've been playing in my fantasy league for 5 years now with 4 playoff appearances and 3 championship  appearances to FINALLY became a champion this year thanks to  Fantistics Software. Thanks Again Fantistics Fantasy Football!! (Rodney Washington)

I've run a private league on ESPN (Football Fanatics) for the last 8 years and have now won the Championship the last 2 years going 13-3 last year and 14-2 this year. I find the the draft software and the weekly projections have helped me in deciding on who to draft especially rookies and players that may have break out seasons (2009 Ray Rice and 2010 Arian Foster) and who to start and who to pickup of the waiver wire. (Walter Kelley)

In four leagues in Super bowl in three. Playing for third in the other. Great timely information (Ken Cain)  

Thanks for all your hard work! (eric gauvin)

The best fantasy insight and statistical information available! (Dennis Uszak)

The Draft material is priceless and the Weekly Outlook is very useful.  Thanks. (Mike Seney)

Third year in fantasy leagues and I am officially hooked. I made the finals in both my leagues and drafted 12th and 9th . Injuries hurt my teams BUT weekly recomended pick ups kept my teams alive and did well through the playoffs thanks to...FANTISTICS !!!! (CHRIS JANIAK)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their impression was of our player projections:

  • Excellent/Great Projections: 86%

  • Good Projections: 12%

  • Poor Projections:  2%

This is great software combined with amazing strategy.  Projections are, after all, never going to be set in stone, but with you guys I get the tools I need to make informed, *low-risk* decisions.  Unfortunately I can't win every time, but I consistently rank among the top-scoring teams in the league, every year, and that is enough for me to know I am doing something right, regardless of the results.  Thank you! (Travis Fesmire)

This was my 5th year using the site and the first time I was shut out of the playoffs.  Finished 5th in both leagues, so it was close.  Still love the site, though, and will most likely come back next year. (Doug Burrell)

Very good software that prepares you well for your league's draft.  Very good features on the web site to help you manage your team and to identify the players to get to keep your team at or near the top of your league.  Great stuff. (Joe Goletz)

We changed our settings this year. Other FF Owners didn't see how to compare a QB versus a RB for relative value. (R L)

you are the KEY!!!  Thanks for everything!!! (Ike FauBer)

You continue to keep me in the money.  Which is why you'll continue to get mine. (Todd Weniger)

You guys are great!  Keep up the good work!  I look forward to going for my 4th Championship in 7 years since using Fantistics! (Brook Parker)

You guys are great.  I just had a bad year.  Some tough injuries.  Some strange NFL developments (I drafted R. Moss).  I took a few chances with some trades and then watched things slip away. (Henry Dagenais)

You guys keep me in the top three every season! I made 255.00 bucks this year after paying for your software. Not bad at all and had a blast doing it! Everyone is always asking me to help them with their lineup and even to do their draft for them! I've been with you guys for 6 years and you make me look like the fantasy football Guru! You guys are amazing!  Brae Hulery (Brae Hulery)

I wanted to thank you for helping me win back to back league championships. This is my second year using your service and I have won my league championship each time. This is a league made up of family and friends and these guys are very competitive and know a lot about the fantasy game so these victories are very sweet. Excellent draft day analysis and weekly projections from you.  I will definitely be a subscriber of your service again next year. Thank you so much!   Bob M. (Bob Millner)

Once Again Fantistics was a great help and helped me make some really tough choices throughout the year. I owe a big thanks to Anthony making the Eli manning call in week 15.Weekly pickup recommendations really helped and made the difference. Thanks Fantistics great stuff! (Michael R.)

I believe that I have won 4 championships out of 5 leagues played the last 2 years because I have an information edge over my competition. That information edge comes from both the Draft Guide and the numerous daily articles from Fantistics. I utilize several pay and free sites to garner my information but the one I couldn't live without is Fantistics (Crosby Spencer)

Since I've won the title 8 times over 29 years but 5 of those titles (in the last 8 years were a result of having Fantistics assistance available. Many thanks but I won't be disclosing this service to my opponents. (0000001752 Anonymous)

This is by far the best product on the market.  On draft day, I have all the inside scoop to dominate the league.  I have not been out of the running in any year since subscribing to this software.  In addition, I have been in the top three scoring teams every year as well.  Incredible product for sustaining your edge in fantasy football! (Kevin Vrba)

Your draft software is what positions me every year for a great year.  Over the last four years I have been in the money each time.  I have won three times and playoffs once.  We divide our league for winning.  The first 14 weeks payouts 1-4 with our initial buy in.  Weeks 14-17 (Top 8 Teams) are our playoffs and the pot is from our transaction fees.  I have taken 1st place 3 times and won the playoffs once.  Hopefully this year will be make it twice, but McCoy needs a big game for me to continue. (John Genna) 

Amazing in-season advice.  Helped me win in both of my leagues!! (0000001654 Anonymous)

Thanks for all of your help over the years.  My kids are at a very fun age now, and I find less and less time to see the games, but with your help I still win my CHAMPIONSHIPS !!   It has actualy become easier, I don't find myself questioning your advise, and most of the times you are right on with your advise !!! (Paul Kearney)

Your weekly player projections are consistently better than other major competing websites.  Love how you explain your approach to the game - so that we can evaluate not only the ranking but the methodology.  Love Fantistics. (Gus Hernandez)

Analysis is top notch and the tools provided by Fantistics are the most extensive on the market.  In the end, projection accuracy and injuries are the only important factors and Fantistics does a really good job with the projections.  Their stuff is based on a ton of data and contains very little (if any) emotional bias. (0000001700 Anonymous)

I have been using your services for many years now. Just this year I brought the software to the drafts and it made my life so much easier! I have cashed in on 3 of the 4 Fantasy Football Leagues I played in!! And the in season information is outstanding. Keep up the great work! (Dan Cecchelli) 

I have tried a different Fantasy Forcast Brand and felt it wasn't as easy to follow as Fantistics. Fantistics Draft software is the best and player rankings are very good! (Jeff Robson)


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