About Us

Fantistics was created with a simple result in mind: Coming out of a draft room the most optimal team.  Over the last 20 years we have cultivated a mathematical model that has become the envy of the Fantasy Sports landscape. A model that gave rise to the first position scarcity model in fantasy sports. We call it VAM (Value Above Mean). VAM is a model that measures a given fantasy player verses the average player at that position. This allows players to not only be measured against each other, but also against other positions, which optimizes their ranking.  VAM also considers the probability of predictability among the positions, which varies widely because of performance and injury considerations.


The paragraph above would nothing if we don't produce results, and over the last 20 years we've openly published our projection accuracy. Consistently forecasting the direction on 7 out of 10 professional players in relation to their upcoming fantasy season. In some seasons we've been as accurate as 8 out of 10. It's a remarkable accomplishment that we've very proud of. Our projections and rankings are not vanilla or consensus, they are fact driven based on proven statistical indicators.


But enough about us—let’s talk about you! Whether you have extensive Fantasy Sports experience or are a first timer, our goal every season is to continue to guide you through a competitive draft and season through skillful representation. What we're most proud of, is the championships that we've helped our customers attain. Over 76% of our customers have said that they finished top 3 in their league using our services, and our customer retention rate is over 80%. Thank you for considering us and we hope you join us this season.