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Fantasy Football Draft Advisory

  • Bring our winning advisory to your fantasy football draft. Our player rankings adjust as players are selected, adhering to the changing dynamics (position scarcity) of your draft. After a player is selected/drafted, the software will display/suggest the best players remaining.
  • Over 75 scoring options available. Our software utilizes a proven linear regression model which produces truly unique and custom results based on your league settings. Entering your league criteria can be the difference in a player like Aaron Rodgers being ranked 8th or 48th for your draft.
  • Detailed Fantasy Football player projections on over 900 NFL players. Our Player Projections are fully customizable, allowing you to create a custom rank/Auction valuations based on your specific league criteria.
Fantasy Baseball Draft Advisory

Player Projection Accuracy Matters

  • Our player projections model was created and is maintained by our founder and lead Statistician Anthony Perri. Using advanced and cutting edge indicators, which include Red Zone and Targeted data, our player projections are trusted for accuracy.
  • Over the past 24 years, we have correctly forecast the statistical direction on over 7 out of 10 professional football players for their upcoming season. See complete history of Fantistics Projections Accuracy here.

Season Management Tools

  • Weekly Lineup Ranking: your fantasy players are rated/ranked based on the strength of the opposition for the coming week. Track up to 7 fantasy teams.
  • Daily Analysis and Fantasy Valuations on over 900 players.
  • Strategy Player Reports: find out who the Rising, Dropping, Hot, Cold, and Recommended players are.
  • Matchup Matrix: Each week we rank the remaining schedule for all the NFL starters and rate the opposition's defensive strength based on both Passing & Rushing criteria.
Season Management Tools



Easy Install

Setup and installation (Mac or PC) takes minutes and only a few clicks.


Based on cutting edge data Next Gen stats and linear regression models, we have optimized the Fantasy Football Draft Day ritual for you.


While others are sorting through consensus rankings, we identify the sleepers that will bring you a fantasy championship.

Five Stars

81% of our subscriber base are repeat customers. In a recent survey 84% said that our content was superior to that of competitors.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  •   “I am a long time fantasy sports player. Fantistics brings the most essential information, that I need to know, right to my inbox; beginning with the pre-season draft software tools and all the way through the season, Fantistics never quits working for me. I loved getting their player injury updates and practice reports, the matchup insights, weekly projections, and nuanced data about the splits, it did not matter that I was not a high roller playing for all the big money, because the Fantistics provided all the return on my investment I wanted: Wins!”

    Jeff Roberts

  •   “I have been using Fantistics for 7 years now and we have been to our league title game 6 of those 7 years and have won 4 championships. This is a family league with experienced savvy owners so those results are awesome! Fantistics is a critical part of our success. The data I receive from you for the draft and throughout the year is excellent and we are always well prepared for the draft and each week of the season. You guys are the best and I cant thank you enough for helping us with bragging rights and keeping the family fantasy league trophy at my house again this year. I am a faithful user of your products for life. You are a 10 out of 10! Thank you!”

    Bob Millner

  •   “Since I have started using Fantistics I have been getting better every year, I always make the playoffs and I finally won my league this year. The site combined with the right Draft strategy suggested by the Fantistics SirusXM radio show put me ahead of everyone out of the gate. The website is more than just rankings, it offers a direct source for valuable data and Intel that helps you make sound decisions when looking for waiver pickups and setting the optimal line up. It is a great service that when utilized to the fullest extent makes you seem like a fantasy guru. Thanks!"

    Esteban Ramirez