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Fantistics Football Subscriber Testimonials

In our 2007 season ending survey we asked subscribers if they were interested in submitting a testimonial that we could publish:

Fantasy football has come a long way in the last 20 years.  The days of Monday morning calculations are a thing of the past.  Everyone has access to the same basic knowledge with the computer age.  It is now a matter of quality assessment to be just a little better than the next guy.  Fantistics supplies that advantage.  I can't recommend this site since I would like to continue making money and winning leagues.  So keep buying outdated magazines, drinking beer and donating money to me and my various partners.  Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus and his middle name is fantistics. (Joseph M)

Fantistics has been an extremely valuable weapon in my arsenal.  It's like having your own network of scouts.  I can do things with this tool that used to take most of a day of scanning newspapers and websites. (Ed Martin)

Don't leave home without Fantistics on Draft Day, their the edge you'll need to bring home a Championship. (Tanker Cook)

The best thing about Fantistics for me this year was the cheatsheets for our draft.  Braylon Edwards and Adrian Peterson were great recommendations!  Thank you Fantistics!! (Doug Brodersen)

I went 4 yrs without a championship and began doubting my fantasy football intelligence. Thanks to Fantistics and there great software and weekly updates my confidence was rebuilt and I was able to trust my insights as well as get a few new ones from the Fantistics team.. I took my insight and blended it with there unbelievable up to date reporting and stats and WON MY CHAMPIONSHIP.. If you want to get back on top of your league? GET FANTISTICS!! (Charles Hurd)

Every year that I have been a subscriber I have either won or finished in the money. (Richard Smith)

Draft tool was very helpful.  Projections were stronger than most others out there.  Daily updates are great as magazines will give you stale numbers.  Custom scoring is a big plus.  Finished 1st in one league and second in another.  Will be back next year.  PLEASE DON'T POST MY NAME ON WEBSITE TESTIMONIALS. (James XXXXX)

A great tool for both the draft and in-season play. More than worth the price of admission! (James Perry)

Fantistics is awesome.  I can't rave enough about how much your player projections and pick up advice helps.  The information you have available is just amazing and really helped me get information on some players that go under the radar in most publications. (Celeste Iapichino)

Lots of sites and information out there but no can match these guys on accuracy, ease of use and the insight provided. (eric maillet)

A time saving and worry free wonder! (Scott Campbell)

During the 2007 survey we asked subscribers if they were satisfied enough to return in 2008:

  • Yes: 90%

  • Maybe: 9%

  • No: <1%

My husband (also a team owner) thought I wasted my money on this website.  Throughout the year, he made fun of my purchase... until I was in the championship game and he was watching from the sidelines.  Thanks for everything and I'll see you next year. (Kim Sayward)

Fantistics Football Projections software is critical to my draft.  I used to create very similar type of data and this saves me hours of time.  It also takes out my personal bias in players with the use of statistical analysis.  A tremendous asset!  The in-season tools are also a great benefit.  I have on source for all info necessary each week. (Dan Pitre)

Fantastic daily information!  Couldn't win without it! (Jason Crow)

In the many years of using Fantistics I've never been out of the money. Last year I was out of the country with little or no computer access, arriving 36 hrs. before the draft, downloaded the software, got the projections and off to the draft and came in 2nd. During the Draft I laugh when other teams are picking players in the early rounds that you have listed at 20-30 and I get to pick up players in the later rounds that you have listed in the top twenty. Keep up the good work! (rANDY Dolenec)

Another season of making money with you guys. Two first place finishes. People are starting to ask what service I use and I need to lie so they don't have the same edge I get. Thanks with your service it's starting to turn into a lucrative fantasy business. (Joseph Nell)

Fantistics is GREAT! It's a shame that I can't tell everybody about you. You guys are just too good! I'm forced to keep you my little secret! I play in 8 leagues and did well in all because of your hard work. I could of NEVER managed that many teams without you guys! Thanks again and see you next year!! (Scott M)

Awesome site. I had Larry Johnson as my overall #1 pick. He did not perform as expected, so the recommended pick ups and the way I worked the wavier wire based on your recommendations put me in the Super Bowl. And yes I will win it all. (Michael Canan)

I will most likely use this site as long as I play fantasy football. It has helped me from the draft all the way to the last game.  So if I can live another 50 years this site and its excellent staff will hear from me again and again.  (Mark Peterson)

Because of the ubiquitous existing of player lists, Fantistics gave me a competitive edge.  I have had it for 3 years now and have made the playoffs in both of the leagues I play in. (Michael C)

Besides Maroney, I really didn't need to supplement my draft choices with waiver pick ups. Great predictions (Erick Roen)

I could not be happier with the consistency of the weekly projections as well as the preseason draft rankings.  Last year I scored Gore early and this year I got the good Adrian Peterson.  I'm already looking forward to next year's draft. (Todd Weniger)

Best feature for me is the Weekly Projections - I use them the moment they come out each week and watch them all week for the updates (Mike Clark)

See the details of the Player Projections Software


If I recall correctly, I've been using Fantistics for 4 or maybe 5 seasons.  During that time, I've never missed the playoffs, never finished lower than 2nd in total points for, have the most regular season wins and winning percentage and the most post season wins and winning percentage along with back-to-back championships the last 2 seasons.  Thanks Fantistics!  I'm sure you are aware of this, but it appears cbssports.com is a subscriber to Fantistics based on the features and wording on their website.  You're raising the bar for fantasy football across the board!! (Steve Rickard)

Did not think I did so well in draft. Your receiver projections were excellent. Had best overall receivers. I had a good quarterback. But, I won the league because of your pickup recommendations. I used 13 different running backs this year. Picked up over 30 players or defenses this year. Absolutely would not have won without your advice and the pickup of Kurt Warner! Thanks! (Ronald McCowen) 

Guys I am very pleased with your insight and most especially your draft analysis.  I smoked the guys in my league with better information both on draft day as well as on weekly projections.  They even have a poll going at the first of the year asking if my software was worth the money........well I guess they now know .......15-0.  I took all the money!!  Thanks and keep up the good work. (Darryl Phillips)

Fantistics provides a comprehensive set of drafting and managing tools with objective statistical analysis and insightful writer assessments.  Nobody's perfect but Fantistics is complete, competitive and brutally honest.  If your squad sucks, you'll be the first to know! (Hadley Roth)

Fantistics provides the experienced or newbie team owner a menu of tools to use for managing a successful fantasy roster. (Tom Ciccone)

Fantistics rocks!!! I have won more championships with than without. In football & baseball. (Daryl Berryman)

First place two out of the last three years using Fantistics. What else is there to say? See you next year. (Mark Anonymous)

Great Draft Software all my friends want it I just tell them the wrong name for the site. (Howard Thynge)

Great prediction website. I have won at least one league every year I have used Fantistics. (edward rosenblatt)

Great product!! (Chris MacClinchy) 


Experienced Fantasy Football GMs utilize the Fantistics service! Over 83% of Fantistics Football members have over 5 years playing experience. Below is the experience of level of last season's subscribers:

Greater than 10 years 42.1% Between 3-5 years 10.3%
Between 7- 10 years 20.8% 2 years 3.4%
Between 5-6 years 20.1% 1 year 3.3%


I always get the top one or two receiving corps in my league! Everyone has the top RB's and QB's, it's the second and third receiver that separates the league winners from the losers! (tim connors)

I am currently entering our finals for the third straight year, a new league record in a very competitive league that has been in existence for 20 years !!  (And this was after an 0-4 start trying to defend my title!)  Excellent mid season pickups such as Ryan Grant and Justin Fargas have offset probably my worst first round pick ever (Shaun Alexander) and the revival of the Saints and Drew Brees down the stretch has helped.  I even managed to beat a team with Tom Brady and AP in the semi's as the weather here in Boston helped a great deal (besides having to shovel after it was over of course!).  Overall, Fantistics has a large role in my successful last 3 seasons!  Thanks again and Happy Holidays to the entire Fantistics staff  :) (Mark Dooling)

I didn't have a problem with your pre season projections at all, It was more of the week to week prjections that Killed me all year. If I had started my bench in more than a few games I would have won. No one can predict the future I know, But It seemed to me that every week someone had a man crush on Reggie Bush and I was forced to play him based on projections and only to be disappointed every week. I think it was only towards the end of the year that it was Resonable for Steve Smith also. (Tim Garriott)

I didn't have time this year to do my own statistical analysis and I reviewed several sites and Fantistics seemed to be the best value and more importantly it gave me the information I was looking for to be prepared for my league's draft.  I always have done pretty good in the past but I have never finished first during the regular season, but this year I did.  Thanks Fantastics - I actually made some money this year. (Allen Derksen)

I experienced a significant number of injuries to important players early in the season, so rather than just ride a pretty awesome team, I had to become more nimble: playing to the match-ups and picking up players off the wire.  Was only able to do this with the help of your fine service.  Would highly recommend it except to the players in my League. (William R)

I find not only does your service make me more competative in fantasy football but also makes me a more knowledge football fan. (Adam Freitag)

I find the weekly player pickup recommendations very helpfull in finding undrafted players and players that have high potential in the weeks up coming games. (Jeff Robson)

I had Kitna and Culter going into the last game.  Even if I had put Gaffney and Curtis in, (which I didn't) I still would have lost miserably.  So, I finished in second.  During the season it was your week to week advice that made my team maximize its potential.  My draft was fairly unlucky, but at least I made it to 2nd. (David Schmitt)

I have to say I would not have won my league if it was not for your daily updates and great insight into all of the teams and players.  I lived off of the news tracker and weekly projections.  Thanks for a great season!  I will definitely be back next year, but I not telling any of the other guys in my league about your website!  I want to win again! (John Genna)

I have used you site for baseball & football for years and I see no reason to look elsewhere. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!!!! (Mike Walterman)

I have won 2 out of 3 years and on my way to a forth! Thanks Guys!! (Brae Hulery)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their overall Impression of Fantistics was:

  • Great Content: 85%

  • Good Content: 14%

  • Poor Content:  <1%


I joined after the draft and found as the season wore on that I moved up the standings and was able to come out of nowhere and find myself in the championship game.  I did put down that I would give this to a friend but as long as he is not in my league.  Thanks (Doug Montgomery)

I like the draft tool a lot.  I use the VAM in the early rounds which makes picking a breeze...Keep up the good work on your website and draft tool.  (Derek Hanson)

I liked you draft forecast for Auction drafts because it actually came close to the price we had to pay. In another site the prices were around 20% lower than what they should have been. I loved you weekly opposition forecast, and the opposition forecast for the playoffs. I rated all you authors very good, even though I don't remember what they wrote. I did this because I enjoyed most if not all of the articles. (Pete Kost)

I love the daily e-mails (robert kaminski)

I love this site. (Geov Hanna)

I still consider Fantistics useful in putting together and updating a competitive FFL team. (Jeff Nickerson)

I use you to break start/sit ties and you do a real good job of providing matchup data.  An "A" matchup rating goes a long way there because it's updated to current league ratings, unlike some providers who use the same match-up ratings from week #1 throughout the entire season. (see matrix info being updated in similar fashion). (Brent Tyson)

I used Fantistics for three seasons now.  During that time, I've had six fantasy teams.  Five of them have made my league's playoffs and three of them made the championship game.  That's incredible consistency!  From the draft projections to the weekly in-season projections, I use Fantistics with 100% confidence! (Doug Burrell)

I would be lost without your help, thanks I have won my second championship (Kevin McKinstry)

In my big money league, I drafted #9 out of 10 teams.  The league specific draft day cheatsheets helped me select a team that included P. Manning (1st), burress, a. johnson, and the San Deigo D.  My backs were R. Bush, T. Henry, M. Barber, and L. Jordan.  I traded T. Henry for Jamal Lewis in week 4 because of the match-ups he had during playoff time. It ended up really helping me make it to my championship and I don't know if would have done it if it wasn't for the schedule strength charts that Fantistics had available. (Matt Scherer)

1st time in a fantasy league - finished first.  thanks Fantistics! (Dave Stumm)

It was your draft tools that made me successful this year in all my leagues. Having cheatsheets printed out made all the difference with different scoring methods involved in each of my 5 teams. The insight provided by Fantistics before the year started was excellent this year. All five of my teams are finishing at the top of the standings. Not one bad team. It is hard to predict what players would do statistics wise from week to week. My rosters were deep with talent and i played the wrong players often, it can be frustrating.  Overall, i was very satisfied this year with my fantasy football teams and I could not of done well without the information received from fantistics. I have been a member for many years and am grateful to the staff of fantistics for all their hard work. (Norm Janszen)

Love the service! I'm in a 12 team ultra-competitive league and in the past 3 seasons I have finished 2nd, 1st and 3rd...thanks Fantistics!!! (brett hartmann)

My top two picks were LJ and Marvin Harrison so my season should have been done after losing them, but thanks to the advice from Fantistics I made some targeted trades and pickups, trading for Big Ben before he closed the season with a favorable schedule, getting Ernest Graham cheap right before he blew up, and picking up Fargas before he took over the full time job, helping to carry my team into the finals. (Craig Rudner)

NIce job! (George Sautner)

Overall Fantistics is very good.  We drafted #11 out of 14 teams in a serpentine draft.  Fantistics did a good job of ranking certain QB's very high, but we ignored it and went with the old method of RB, taking Reggie Bush.  We then took Steve Smith at 18 (ouch), who was the second WR taken behind Chad Johnson.  Housh fell all the way to 39 with our third pick.  At 46, we were between Kitna and Romo and went Kitna, with the easier schedule.  We then went RB - RB with Marion Barber and Chester Taylor.  Injuries and underperformance hurt us, but we did better than most (3rd of 14) and made the playoffs (top 6 teams) for the fifth year in a row. (Paul Dykstra)

Overall great help! (Bob Otto)

Overall I love what you guys do.  This really gives me an edge and if my first three picks did not end up on the IR. (Chris Abbott)

Overall, I like the service.  Its a bit expensive in my opinion.  You guys think more 'outside the box' than other services, which I do like.  Its annoying to see other services keep guys like Steve Smith in the top 10 all year.    (Kirk Johnson)


Since soliciting your service two years ago, I have won three Fantasy Bowls in six possibilities. (Steve Voegtle)

Solid system.  I'll be back. (Hank Dagenais)

During the survey we asked subscribers what their impression was of our 2007 player projections:

  • Excellent/Great Projections: 84%

  • Good Projections: 14%

  • Poor Projections:  2%


Thank you for your recommendations of: 2006 Frank Gore 2007 Wes Welker (william lawler)

The draft software was terrific, and the projections were very helpful. Thanks for another great year. (Peter St. Onge)

This is my 4th year using your software.  I have won my last two season, back to back.  I am tied for 1st place for the 2007 season and will know my destiny in 2 more weeks as our league does not have playoffs.  Your software has given me the edge which is apparent with my results.  I love fantasy football and will continue to use your product.  If it's not broke, why try to fix it!! Tattoo Tramps Granny Jannie's Fantasy Football League (Janice Davis)

This is my second championship in 4 yrs., using your draft and in season tools. Before I found this site, I sucked at this game. You guys have been a tremendous help! Thanx and happy Holidays! (wayne strohl)

This sight is the best I have seen, I have been using it 5 years, two for baseball five for football and have made the playoffs all five years. (Tim Putrow)

Timely and insightful information. (Jack Ferraro)

Use anything I have typed.  This is the best setup for drafting and information that is available.  You always stay current and informative.  The only problem with player updates is because of teams that do not report their injuries properly like the Pats and Broncos.  The NFL should do something about that since the so called questionable setup is useless for players like Heap who never plays and Burress who always plays. (Farrell Hiatt)

VERY PLEASED WITH YOUR SITE. Our team has won five of the last seven years and this year we set a new total points and total won dollars record. Your site was very instrumental in this years victory. Thanks and keep up the great work! Gary Oestreich (gary oestreich)

Won the championship game in my primary league for $1400 and 1st in overall high points for an extra $1196. Thanks Fantistics! (Mike Kennedy)

You are the primary reason I was in first place for all of the regular season! (Jack Knorek)

You guys are outstanding. (Dan Kahl)

You guys are the best! (Steve Lenderman)

You provide a consistent approach and updated insights.... what else can we ask for? (Ken Goldberg)

Your sites indepth fantasy football tools have given me an edge in all of my leagues for the past 5 years. Before Fantistics I had not been able to get into the playoffs. Over the past 5 years I have won multiple championships. Every year I am tempted to tell my friends about Fantistics great site but I do not because I want to retain the edge over them in fantasy football. (Shane E)

Your software is right on the money, you built the road and I drove it to the championship. (Eugene Rutzler)

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